• Dr Neha Karhade
Director & Chief Aytuved Consultant.

• Dr Neha Karhade is research fellow in Aytuved. She is doing extensive research work on Infertility and
Gynecological disorders. Just because of Dr. Neha’s treatments, many infertile couples are celebrating their
• Dr Neha Karhade is very well known for the treatment of ‘Beeja shuddhi’, Garbha Samskar and Garbha
Samskar training program.

• She is also known for providing pediatric health care and Su war Prashana for mentaly and
physically ill child.
• Dr Neha karhade dedicated for Women empowerment by means of taking care of their hormonal
balance, Gynecological disorders, Osteoporosis, joint pain, Anemia, skin & hair problems.