• Dr Mukund Karhade
MD (Panchakamm)
Director & Chief Aytuved Consultant.

• Dr Mukund Karhade is MD (Panchakamia) from prestigious institute Government Aytuved Medical College,
Bangalore(Kamataka). He is doing extensive research work on Diabetes and its complications — mainly the diseases
of Brain, Heart and Kidney.
• Dr Mukund Karhade is very well known for his spaciality panchakanna treatment of various kidney diseases
including kidney failure and renal Stones etc. He is serving to the mankind with the single aim of saving the
life of Kidney failure patients by preventing disease progress and further complications. Through his research
lie has formulated some herbal medication and developed panchakamm treatment for Kidney diseases.
• Dr Mukund Karhade is very popular in his students and patients for his deep understanding of Aytuved principles
and mastery on Panchakamm treatments.