• Ayurveda — the science of life addresses all aspects of life i.e. the body, mind & spirit.
• It is a natural system that advocates disease preventive, promotive and curative therapies by means of Whole body
purification (Detoxification) and rejuvenation. In a simple word Aytuveda is meant for
`Healthy Long Life’. i.e. Dirgharz. (adding life in the lives of person.)

• Dirghayu Aytuved is based on this central theme of Aytuved. Dirghayu Aytuved is dedicated to follow the
principles of Aytuved as in putt form without making any compromises
• The aim of Dirghayu Ayurved is maintaince of health of healthy person and to give relief to the diseased one
with the help of-
Panchakanna(Bio-putification / Detoxification).
Shamana Treatment (Palliative medicines).
Pathya — Apathya (Diet Therapy).

• Dirghayu Aytuved provides treatments for all chronic and sub acute elements which are almost not treatable with
other systems of medicine.
• Dirghayu Aytuved is one of the well established, professional and innovative health care centre in
Nagpur(Mahanshtra). We are well known for Classical Aytuved Panchakanna treatments.
• Dirghayu Aytuved works as Research centre for Diabetes, Kidney diseases And Infertility.
• Dirghayu Aytuved provides specialized treatments for Diabetes and its complications. Mainly ischemic injury to
Brain, Heart & Kidney, Spine & Knee pain, Infertility and many more.